Friday, March 4, 2011

Moth Wing Dust

I've liked makeup since I was a young girl in the back woods of Mississippi. I used to catch the moths that flew to the light in the windows. I loved the magical, metallic powder that would rub off their wings on my fingertips. Not gold or silver or bronze, but a perfect, unidentifiable mixture of all of them. Sometimes I would
use it for eyeshadow and it was the perfect color. I always thought if I ever collaborated with a makeup company, I would make a multi-faceted eyeshadow like that, and call it "Moth Wing Dust" - sort of understated and mysterious. Not like the bright wings of a butterfly, but just as beautiful in its own way.
Tonight, I painted with my daughters. My 10 year old loves to paint. She made a rose in grass, with a sun and clouds. My 4 year old made a bold page full of bright colors. I copied this moth from the pages of an old National Geographic.
Moth wing dust. God sure does make beautiful things!