Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God's Amazing Supply

"My God shall supply ALL your need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Living without a job is a walk of faith in the spirit. As we wait for the Lord to reveal His plan for Greg's career, we know God is totally in control. It does not prevent human (soulish) thoughts from infiltrating time to time. God has such gentle ways of reminding us that He is indeed our supply. We cannot look elsewhere for provision.
The other day, I was at the dollar store with $2 in cash to buy 2 loaves of bread. Greg waited outside in the car with the kids as I ran in. It's always exciting to find a bargain and I love that fact that the dollar store sells high end bread for a dollar!
I got my bread and was waiting in line to check out. There was an older black man checking out and a lady between us. As I waited and listened, it became evident that he was there buying toys for the Marine sponsored program "Toys for Tots". He was buying quite a lot, and each one had to be marked with a red sticker to identify it for that program. It was taking awhile, and the lady in front of me packed her things into her basket in a huff and went to a different register. The man felt bad. "I shouldn't be doing this when there's a lot of people here." He said. "Don't worry," i answered, "I don't mind waiting, it's for a good cause!" "See, she understands!" said the cashier. He looked at me and smiled. "I'm going to pay for her bread." he told the cashier. "No, you don't need to do that!" I said. "The Marine has spoken!" he answered with a twinkle in his eye. I thanked him for his kindness and explained how it was a blessing because of our situation. He payed for the bread and sent me on my way. I just laughed, because the Spirit of God was telling me, in this tiny way "See, I've got you! I am your supplier. I can supply your needs from so many sources, you can't even imagine!" Later, at Walmart, I took the $2 and put it in the Salvation Army bucket, knowing I could trust God to be my supply, and even when things were tight, keep my hands open to give freely at on the other side, to allow His blessing to flow through me, knowing He could quickly fill it up again.
In the morning of the same day, I was grinding my last bit of Starbucks coffee beans. wallowing in self pity "I will never be able to buy Starbucks coffee beans again. They're too expensive! I'll have to buy the cheapest coffee, or just quit drinking it altogether!" (which probably would be quite healthy anyway!)
Later that night, I was dropping Jessica off at her friend Samantha's house to spend time there, and Samantha's mom (My Pastor's wife, and children's ministry co-coordinator) handed me a card, and a gift wrapped in the cutest paper. I got in the car and was surprised that the car smelled so delicious like coffee! "Did I leave my coffee cup in here? i don't remember smelling this on the way here!" Suddenly, I realized it was the pretty package. I squeezed it, and ripped it open! Sure enough, there was a dark roast (my favorite) package of Starbucks coffee beans! INCREDIBLE!!!!! God so kindly, through precious people He had placed, twice in one day showed me that He cared even for my silly little selfish desires! he reminded me that HE IS MY SUPPLY! I am so thankful to be His child and to be part of this precious family of God! Thank you Carrie, thank you dear Marine. May God richly bless you with His supply and kindnesses, as you allowed Him to use you to bless me!


Jennu22 said...

Oh Betsy! Your post came just at the right time! I get tears in my eyes just thinking about what I just read...Thank you for this post!!!

Cathy said...

Ya know that is one of the things I love sooo much about our Healvenyl Father~ He always does that for His children. It is those little touches that strengthne our trust and dependence on our God. It is this that causes me to refer to myself as an "Abba Daddy's girl"

shayna said...

Thanks for sharing Betsy. You know that Jesse and I were in your same shoes 4 years ago and things are still month as missionaries who are far from fully supported:) God has provided in so many big and small ways. It is truly an honor to be His child. I have learned it is always best to trust in the Provider and not the provision.

CoraLee Moments said...

Betsy, as you know, Jon and I have been through that valley a couple of times. I don't regret them one bit because each time I know more and more that I have nothing to fear. Although as people it goes against everything we have to not be able to see ahead, the Lord teaches me each time and I can overcome anything in Him. It is a sweet romance of the Lord caring for us at each step. You know we rarely give him that chance and am learning to savor them.

Anonymous said...

Our God is so good!