Sunday, March 1, 2009

God's Math

I used to hate math. Now I've come to appreciate it. It's actually fun when you don't HAVE to do it! Well, some math is fun.

Have you heard the story of Jesus miraculous feeding of the 5,000 men (plus women and children)? He was teaching, and there were thousands of people following Him, and no McDonalds in sight (it was around 2,000 years ago!). It was dinnertime. Everyone was hungry, but only one little boy had brought food. Perhaps everyone else didn't expect to be around for so long. But in the innocent generosity of a child, the little boy offered his lunch of five loaves and two fishes to Jesus. I doubt anyone expected what happened next; Jesus miraculously turned that tiny lunch into enough food for all the thousands of people there!

That's not the only example of math that is outside of the natural realm when God gets involved. He made the natural laws of the universe, but He also made the spiritual laws.

I was recently meditating on Romans 12:15 "Be happy with those who are happy. Be sad with those who are sad."

This is another example of how things can change when God's power is in play. When we bear one another's burdens, the one with the burden has some of the burden subtracted. It is made lighter for them. But when we laugh with one another, the happiness is added to and increased!

I love God's math!

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