Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Faithful Man

Is there someone in your life who has spent a lot of time in prayer for your spiritual life? If so, what a great treasure!
There is a such a man I know. His name is Finley Hunter. He and his wife Marty were friends with my family when I was a child. Though I haven't seen him for years, he is one of the friendliest men I know. He would talk with everyone he came in contact with about Jesus and how a relationship with Him could change their lives. People who met him fell in love with him. He had a warm, engaging manner and made you feel comfortable at once. He prayed for my family every day, and to me that is one of the greatest gifts I have received from another human; someone interceding on my behalf before God! I am grateful for this faithful servant of God. This is a picture of him with his grandson Craig and 3 great-grandsons.

How lovely are the faces of the men who talk with God-
Lit with an inner sureness of the path their feet have trod;
How gentle is the manner of a man who walks with Him!
No strength can overcome him, and no cloud his courage dim.
Keen are the hands and feet-ah yes-of those who wait His will,
And clear as crystal mirrors, are the hearts His love can fill.
Some lives are drear from doubt and fear while others merely plod;
But lovely faces mark the men who walk and talk with God
(I don't know who wrote this poem)

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KandRsMama said...

I LOVE the poem. It is true that prayer is a special gift! I wonder how many times I have told someone that I would pray about a situation and then have forgotten to pray when the time comes. I have tried to be more conscious of meaning it when I say those words! Thanks Betsy!