Monday, January 3, 2011

My 5 Favorite K-cups and Other Thoughts on Coffee

Almost 2 years ago, the sweetest sisters in the world (mine) got together and got me a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System. I have enjoyed the convenience of the brewer, and quality cups of coffee. If you are considering buying a brewer, talk to me first and I will try to point you in the most cost-effective direction.
There are many different companies that make the individual K-cups you use with a Keurig, and though I haven't tried every kind, I have tried quite a few, and below are my five favorites. 
First, you should know what my taste in coffee is. Everyone's is different. My kids say I'm a coffee addict, but I say I'm a coffee connoisseur. The difference being; an addict will take coffee if it's available, no matter what the quality. A connoisseur will only drink it if it's GOOD coffee (connoisseur is really just a synonym for snob). Let me clarify what I mean by good; First of all. It should be fresh. As coffee ages, it changes flavor, and not in a good way (read; "goes stale"). Once you have gotten used to drinking fresh coffee, you just might not go back. (Recently, one of my dear sisters bought me some green coffee beans and taught me how to roast it myself. You can't get any fresher than that, but that's a whole 'nother post!). Coffee in K-cup does have an expiration date, but if it's roasted and sealed fresh, the protection from oxidization helps it stay fresh longer.
Secondly, and this is a matter of my taste. I like it dark roasted, bold flavored, and smooth. I prefer caramel, brown sugar, or nutty notes. So, if that sounds good to you, I have a feeling you will like these K-cups as well.
I don't like flavored coffee for two reasons; a. It doesn't taste good to me. b. I have a theory they gather all the old nasty, poorest quality beans, and add flavor to them, and maybe that's why it doesn't taste good to me.
Another thing; I like to use sucanat in my coffee to sweeten it. Not only does it add a bit of a caramel tone, it adds a few nutrients, and I can use a few nutrients! I like half and half for cream. I'm not trying to advertise for anyone here. I get paid nothing for my opinion.
Here are some of the websites I have found to get good prices on K-cups; (look at Shofco bulk sales)and - watch for sales, and do internet searches for the best prices. Amazon sometimes has good prices too. The very best deal you can get is, when you register your brewer's guarantee at Keurig, you can buy two 24 packs, get two 24 packs free, but you want to know what you like before you order that much coffee.
Speaking of advertising, there is one brand of K-cup I will never buy. My sister says it tastes like they gathered up all the leftover beans from the garbage, mixed in a little sawdust, and packed it in a K-cup!
OK, here are the ones I LIKE, in no particular order (I don't like to play favorites!)
Tully's Italian Roast
Coffee People's Black Tiger
Wolfgang Puck's French Roast
Coffee People's Jet Fuel
Emeril's Big Easy Bold (Big Easy Intense)
Yep, they are good cups of coffee. I hope you can find your favorites. Comment and tell me what they are and why. I love to read your thoughts!
In the picture you can see my journal and my study guide for the next Women's LifeGroup study at Seacoast Church, Greensboro. I love that group!
I think I'm a little A.D.D., or maybe it's just the caffeine.

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Chris said...

Hm...let's see. Donut Shop, Donut Shop, Donut Shop, Donut Shop, and...Decaf Donut Shop. It's really all we buy. A nice medium roast that's consistent and not too pricey with Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" service.