Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You remember the WWJD? bracelets a few years ago. The t-shirts and other paraphernalia that asked the question; "What would Jesus do?" Well, it's a good question. We live in a different age than when He came to earth. There was no internet, cell phones, landlines, or computers, or many of the things we use on a daily basis now. How would Jesus be interacting and living in today's modern world if He were here in person.

I guess that's the point. He is here in person. In us. In those who have believed in His name and received the Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead. By proxy to be sure, but we represent Him. We are Him to the world. Scary in a way, isn't it? Huge responsibility.

Lately I've been hearing a new buzz question; "What did Jesus Do?" - well, that's a good question too. Instead of pondering "WWJD?" with a puzzled face as we contemplate each situation we face, we can actually go back and read the Bible and find out some of what Jesus actually did from eyewitness accounts.One passage says that if everything He did was recorded, the books would fill up the whole world.

But, I think we should ask ourselves a different question; "What Would Jesus Have Me Do?" After all, when faced with a sick person, Jesus would have healed them, When faced with a sin problem, He actually went to the cross and suffered a horrendous death and died for the sin of the whole world in order to offer salvation to each person. I simply can't do that. I am not sinless. I am one who is in need of His redemption.

Because I have received His offer of eternal life, I have the Spirit of God with the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead living in me. When He asks me to do something,  He will empower me to do it. He has specifically asked me to do many things in his Word. I am a woman, a believer in Jesus Christ, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a neighbor, a friend and much more. All of those relationships have specific principles and mandates that He has laid out in scripture for me. Some of them are very straightforward, but sometimes, I have to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me to the right thing in a specific situation.

What Jesus would do is one thing, and what He did do is another. But my prayer is; "Jesus, what would you have me do?" Amen.

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